Non-Woven Masterbatches
No. Grade Function  
1. PP-UV-Life 3048 N Anti –Sulphur UV  
2. PP-UV-Life 1048 Non-Sulphur UV 20%
3. PP-UV –Combo UV + Antimicrobial  
4. PP- IR- Combo IR+ Antiblock  
5. PP-Flame retardant Brominated  
6. PP-AS 1001 Antistatic  
7. PP-RHEOCARE 8010 Flow homogeniser  
8. PP- AO 1001 Anti-Oxidant  

Disclaimer: The above data are derived from WELSET data and true to the best of our knowledge and belief. The above data should be used purely as guidelines and should not be considered as warranty. This technical information consists of typical product data and should not be used as a specification. The above information and description are subject to change without notice.